Internet Security & Hack Repair

The Internet and your website is only as secure as you allow it to be.

Website-Security-and-Hack-FixingIf you think computer hacking is just for the government or the movie theatre, think again.   Last year alone hacking cost the U.S. economy over $400 billion and targeted attacks on small businesses have increased by 5000% over the past five years.

It’s been claimed that over the course of one year, 96% of ALL websites on the Internet are visited by a bot or bots that have the intention of hacking.  Furthermore, in a May 2015 poll directed at business users, only 28% were protected or had plans to protect themselves from cyber attacks in the next twelve months.  It’s incredible to think that only one in four businesses are protected from an ever-growing problem.

Should your website get compromised the fallout can be devastating.  In many cases you can wave goodbye to a healthy online reputation and Google rank, and that’s without even considering the impact that data loss or sensitive customer information loss could have on your business.  The tangible costs of such a problem are immeasurable.

Is it really that important?

The advice I would give anyone is to assume that it’s coming and take measures now, whether you get a firewall protected web host, or just add extra layers of software security.   Sites are targeted with such frequency today that it’s become an accepted occupational hazard, but it shouldn’t be.  Sadly, post hack repairs and security have now become my most requested service, and that really tells a story unto itself.

Over the course of the past three years I’ve secured hundreds of websites and networks, but also performed clean-up, post hack on a similarly high number.   Worse still, those that were maliciously attacked typically showed an enormous loss of income and brand trust.  For some the repair was simple, whilst some took over a year to recover, and some never made it at all.

If you’re reading this you likely fall into the category of a concerned website owner and that’s a good starting point.  You have every right to be concerned and I’m perfectly placed to help or advise.  Contact Me Today for a free, no obligation consultation and let me explain what my security services can do for you.

Internet Security Checklist

Get in touch if you’re looking for:

  • A detailed audit of your website’s security
  • Top layer malicious activity monitoring
  • Post hack clean up and security
  • Hosting based cloud security
  • SSL encryption and data filtering
  • Brute force protection and DDOS protection
  • Regular maintenance on your website, ensuring scripts and plugins are kept up to date

Remember, it can take a hacker less than fifteen minutes to destroy your business.  Do you really want to gamble on the inevitable?