Intelligent Writing

Copy only ends up long when you can’t find the correct way to make it short.

For a number of years I have been a successful marketing copywriter with a proven track record of delivering fresh, customer-centred copywriting that gets results.  My experience in the field includes writing professionally for television [IMDB Page], (Channel Four, Channel Five, BSkyB), print media (The Gap, Yahoo, Eurosport) and numerous other blue chip corporations.

Naturally, as with most copywriters I will promise you that I will deliver intelligent, concise and engaging copy that’s beautifully written, bang on schedule and to budget.  Sadly however, in today’s market I am aware that this is no longer enough.  Neither is it simply enough to have a firm grasp of the English language.   Copywriting has changed quite dramatically in the past twenty years, and the Internet is the main culprit.

Successful copy today has to not only be commercially powerful in order to sell, but equally as importantly is that the copy is found and indexed efficiently by the popular search engines.  This means a firm understanding of keyword application, and utilising all of the tools necessary to avoid keyword stuffing.

Furthermore, a truly great copywriter should have a fantastic understanding of NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming), enabling the copy to evoke strong reactions with the most innocuous of phrases.  This will ensure not only great results, but also that the product or service stays in the reader’s mind long after they have left the page.

You have my guarantee that I will provide high quality copy that will be keyword rich and effectively engage the reader, whilst in line with the client’s marketing message. Find a copyrighter and let me explain what I can do for you!

Service Checklist

Below you will find a list of copywriting services I provide.

  • NLP consultancy, editing and rewriting
  • Informative, creative freelance copywriting with a strong SEO focus
  • Direct response and SEO-focused website content
  • Media-ready press releases and PR materials
  • Discerning copy editing and rewriting
  • Professional article writing and article rewrites
  • Carefully crafted e-books on any subject
  • Compelling, attention grabbing blog posts
  • Informative newsletters and bulletins
  • Hard working print and direct marketing projects
  • Inspirational case studies and persuasive testimonials
  • Sales-led copy for email marketing campaigns
  • Direct response-focused advertorial copy
  • Inspirational autoresponder messages to maximise conversion and build loyalty
  • Expertly crafted video scripts
  • Copy for printed brochures, catalogues, leaflets and fliers