Marbella Film Festival 2019: AFTER PARTY @ JOYS Day 2 of the Marbella International Film Festival
Complete Eyecare Display video for shop window
Marbella Film Festival Cocktails at Teatro Coya Cinema Marbella Film Festival 2019: Cocktails at Teatro Coya Cinema
Marbella Film Festival Trailer Two Marbella International Film Festival 2019 Trailer
Team Rumble Aim Warmup A fairly high accuracy 18 Eliminations in 8 minutes - Fortnite Team Rumble, 45% accuracy, 51 headshots (22% of 232 total shots)
23 Kill Team Rumble Fortnite - irnoob Can't build, won't build. Can shoot, will shoot. Shotgun nublet. 23/100 team kills in Team Rumble. Not too shabby for an old man. #newbiesinc
Marbella Film Festival 2019 For Marbella International Film Festival website
Maleficent Intro First Draft (draft audio & titles) Video background intro for Maleficent in the 2020 theatre show. Draft audio before clean up, and simple title.
Fortnite Craziness A little season X madness. Who thought it would be a good idea to add Mechs to the game?
Marbella Film Festival 2019 Promo Short teaser for the Marbella International Film Festival 2019.
Flight Media Surveys Aerial Photography Background video for aerial photography website
Virtual Tour Video Background Flight Media Surveys website background
A good site for a good cause. Helping honour the Ipswich Town legend Kevin Beattie - #sorefeetforthebeat
Did you know @FrintonFrames have appeared in more blockbuster movies than most actors?
Half and Half Background Colour Using CSS If you have a full width website with a two column layout, it’s sometimes necessary to make the container background stretch beyond the inner containers to the edge of the screen or browser width.

There are a number of ways ...
Are Miami going all in for Tua Tagovailoa @Tuaamann in 2020? Let's hope so. Looks the real deal and then some,…
Jasmine reacts to first Fortnite Duo Victory Royale You could say this made her happy. You could also say that luck played a big part. C'est la vie.
Forgot to share this. Always handy to find decent stock images.
Free Stock Images For Your Website As a website programmer, one of the most difficult tasks when building a new project is getting the final content (text and images) from your client. In fact, in many cases the client doesn’t actually know what they want until ...
Stop iPhones From Zooming in on Form Fields Preventing iPhone Form Zooming
Keeping up with browser functionality as a website programmer can be an arduous task, but when the operating system also contributes to the mess there’s often nothing that can be done. Recently a client asked if ...
Disco Domination Fortnite PS4 Just a little Fortnite gameplay and D.I.S.C.O. - My first time using new controls so excuse the dodgy building... or lack thereof.
Rebecca Dennis on ITV's This Morning Rebecca Dennis explains to ITV's This Morning just how to breathe our way to a better life.
Printing in Frinton Stock Footage Stock footage for Printing on Sea web project
Battlefield 5 Squad Conquest 29 Kill Streak A little late night PS4 Battlefield. Was trying to get the "Kill 10 enemies with bipod deployed" award completed and ended up with a 29 killstreak. Oh, and a little BAD sniping at the start of the video. I'm rubbish. ...
A small taste of Battlefield V Feel free to join me. My gamertag is 'TheSuperWaz'.
Spotlight Youth Theatre Group: Bugsy Malone Practice Goons, girls, guns. What more can you dumb bums ask for?
WooCommerce No Orders Found Problem Since WordPress 5.0.2, many WooCommerce installations have had an issue where all the shop’s products have seemingly disappeared. Don’t worry, they’re still there, but if your WooCommerce installation is showing “No orders found” in the Orders sections of your Dashboard, ...
Spotlight's Frinton Aid In aid of the poor starving children and families in.. Frinton?
Add Code to WordPress Head Programmatically I received a request recently from a client that wanted an easy way to hide content for logged in users via CSS, but they needed it to be done programmatically, and wanted some CSS added to the WordPress header.
What ...
Using a Computer Stock Footage Created stock footage for web video background.
Creating a Simple WordPress Shortcode WordPress is the most popular content management system, and one of the foundations of its success is its shortcode system. And while you may think this is best left to a website programmer, writing a WordPress shortcode is actually much ...
Add a Custom Taxonomy Filter to WordPress Custom Post Type:
Add a Custom Taxonomy Filter to WordPress Custom Post Type Recently, a client needed to be able to filter their custom post type posts list by a given taxonomy, making it easier to find what they were looking for.   Fortunately with WordPress this isn’t difficult.
For the example below, the ...
Did you know that @FrintonFrames have actually appeared in more movies than @HamillHimself ? The force is definite…
Just found loads of old newspaper clippings from his very first fight onwards and this old school autograph from ba…
Gravity Forms Telephone Validation (UK Number with Maximum and Minimum Digits) Recently a client needed a function or two for Gravity Forms to process UK telephone numbers, and asked that they are between 7 and 15 characters in length. The following Gravity forms filters do exactly what’s needed.
Paste them in ...
Making Your Website GDPR Compliant GDPR 2018:  What do I need to know?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th 2018 and will affect the way you are able to collect, store and use the data of your customers.
In ...
How to prevent or reduce nausea and motion sickness with PlayStation VR:
Handy Crib Sheet of Dummy Content for CSS and HTML Mockups:
WooCommerce WordPress Product Unavailable Out of Stock Problem Fix:
Coldplay ft Rihanna - Princess of China (Georgia Chandler Cover) via @YouTube
Thanks @maddieziegler for inspiring my little girl to have the confidence to do this: . Shine brightly 🙂 #soproud

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