Managing your time effectively isn’t the main consideration. It’s the only consideration.

One less thing to worry about

A great website can almost run itself.. Almost.

Websites are something that many people think you just create and not worry about without the need for any ongoing maintenance.  And while this was once (many years ago) a fairly accurate statement today’s websites need a little extra care if they are to be a successful and secure representation of your brand.

The complexity of scripts that your website may utilise, not to mention third party repositories and libraries (Google and jQuery for example) means that hackers will always be looking for a back door into your site and these exploits are more commonplace than you might think.   This is where regular website maintenance becomes a vital consideration once your website is up and running.

Of course, this is something that you can do yourself in many cases with content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal having easy ways to update the core software and associated plugins or add-ons, but if you update your website and there is a problem you will find yourself wasting far more time than you’d like sourcing a website programmer to fix the issues that may arise.

This is where website maintenance packages come in to play and with that in mind I’ve put together a few very affordable packages that give you the opportunity to keep your website relevant as trends evolve, looking fresh and most importantly, staying secure.

The following packages should have something for everyone.  Should you not see what you need, please get in touch for a bespoke quote.