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Whether you’re looking to increase the production value of your movies, or want to drive your marketing via viral video, I’ve got you covered.

Web-Video-CreationIt stands to reason that providing video content for your website will be something that your visitors will be happy to see. Video is a far more engaging way to interact with web site visitors and it can save your guests reading through lots of text.  However, even though having good quality video content on your website makes sense, there are a number of substantial business benefits that come from adding video content to your site.  The following are just some of the reasons why adding video content to your site is not just common sense; it should be a necessary business practice.

Search Engines Love Video Content
Traffic is crucial for all companies with websites and being found on the major search engines can often be a struggle. There are plenty of great SEO tactics you can use but did you know that search engines love video content?

With a great and relevant video with proper tagging and descriptive words, you can see your web pages soar up the rankings. There is even the opportunity to add localised tags to your video content so if you want to be the number one choice in a local area, providing great video content for your guests could see you rise in the local searches.

Keep People On Your Site For Longer
One issue that is important for search engines is how long people stay on a web-page. If someone clicks on, has a look for a second or two and clicks away, it can be possibly be taken that the web site is not good or completely irrelevant to that person’s needs. Too many quick on and off guests and your site can struggle to be ranked positively.

This is why engaging with guests and keeping them on site is important and this is what video content does best. With your video content on the page, your guests will be entertained and engaged for a couple of minutes. This is great because it allows you to deliver your message to that guest but it also indicates that they are staying on your site for a notable period of time.

Adding video content is not just about delivering your message, it is a fantastic way to mark your site out as a quality website. With the evolution of search engines continuing apace, this is something that is becoming increasingly important for all companies with an online presence.

Convey The Right Message
Sometimes the written word can cause problems for people because it can be taken in different ways. The English language is exciting and challenging but it has caused many problems over the years due to the different meanings of some words or through the use of humour or concepts like sarcasm or irony.

These are best avoided with the written word but with video content, where you can inject personality, warmth and humour into the delivery, it is possible to deliver a very clear message. If your company has a fun image, using video content allows you to focus on that without making people feel uncertain about what you are trying to deliver.

Quality Video Content Is Affordable
If you are worried about the cost of quality video content, don’t be? In professional hands, the process doesn’t have to take that long and you will be surprised at the affordability of short video clips that allow you to get your point across. The return of investment available from a short video clip can far outstrip far greater levels of expenditure with SEO or other promotional tactics.

People Will Want To Share Video Content
Even if you have a fantastically well written web page, there will be many people who will not send out links to their friends or business associates for written word content. It is just the nature of the internet and many people are only interested in the immediate hits or quick pay-offs.

You know that video content has the ability to go viral if it is funny or imaginative and your website video content has the ability to spread quickly if it is a success. If you provide a funny or quirky video, you may get a lot of hits to your site, which never hurts for search engines.

However, if you have a great business focused video content, your video will be far more likely to be shared amongst your target market and this could see the right people being directed to your site. Getting traffic to your site is one thing but getting relevant traffic that wants to hear what you have to say about a particular topic, product or service is an altogether different situation!

Web Video Checklist

Professional film and video should not break the bank. To give you an example, the video on the right could be created with a budget of only £250, including script, actor and green screen video editing. Contact me today to find out what I can do for you.

Some of my most popular services include:

  • Intro videos and animation (suitable for Youtube)
  • Professional music video
  • Portfolio or Gallery videos
  • Event filming and editing
  • Audio management and editing
  • Promotional video creation
  • Voice over acting (external hire)
  • Actor hire and green screen
  • Video script writing
  • Post-edit finishing
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Web Video Examples

Your Ideas Coming To Life

If you’ve got a concept or just an idea for a web video, I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your requirements.

Still not sure?  Please take a look at some samples of my own web videos to show you what’s achievable on a tight budget. All videos best viewed full screen at high resolution. Whether your requirements are personal or corporate, I’ve got you covered.

Video killed the radio star.. so they said. Effective web video can also do the same to your competition.