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Bray Plan

Warren says…

Plantastic Client

I’m quite fond of Bray, it’s a lovely village and civil parish in Berkshire. It’s a place that’s over 100 miles away yet I have five clients there, run the local council website and I even purchased a car there. For whatever reason something is drawing me towards Bray – or perhaps drawing Bray towards me.

Either way, the Bray Plan website was a neighbourhood planning website that was needed in a hurry. This meant numerous meetings to understand the planning processes and to ascertain the plan requirements, but it didn’t take long to deliver on their requirements. And a long standing business relationship was born shortly thereafter.

Whilst the website was created long ago, I still maintain the website’s content for the planning committee and produce promotional materials whenever they are needed. I’m responsible for all things online concerning the plan, right down to the domain name and hosting and I’m happy to be involved. As committees go, they’re a fantastic group of individuals.

Bray Plan says…

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for all your hard work on the BPNP website. Without your guidance we were really struggling and you took the whole thing on for us without a single problem and never complained once while we were messing you around. You’re a star. Thank you Warren from all of us.