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Warren says…

Guardian of the Galaxy III

When a large company like Samsung comes calling you generally never know what to expect. Companies like that typically have many tech-fingers in many pies, with many varied opinions to boot and as you can imagine this can make working with them very challenging.

Samsung re-wrote the script for me somewhat in this respect. I set my own boundaries and guidelines, told them what I expected of them and to be honest I expected them to walk away laughing. They didn’t.

What they did was came back with an incredibly detailed plan of what was necessary for integrating the Google Marketplace with their Samsung Note 3 website portal. It was a project that was incredibly complex, but their planning made it relatively straight forward for a programmer with any real knowhow. Five weeks later and a project which should have taken 8-10 weeks was complete, and well within the agreed budget.

Kudos Samsung for changing my opinion on how large companies work. I’m proud to call you my client.

P.S. I still have an iPhone. Sorry.

Samsung says…

Finding a programmer to integrate our flagship Note 3 web portal with the Google Marketplace proved to be more difficult than we’d anticipated. Repeatedly we were let down by developers, until, and totally by chance, Warren was recommended to us by a customer. His knowledge and professionalism was nothing short of outstanding, and a two month job was completed almost three weeks early.
David Clarke, Samsung UK