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Flyer Design

Warren says…

Shining a light on a talented group.

Web DesignSpotlight Youth Theatre Group are a local non-profit organisation that are definitely going places. The same definitely couldn’t have been said a year ago however – they actually didn’t even exist.

When the group’s previous owner left the group unexpectedly and in a cloud of turmoil, Clare (one of their volunteer staff) assumed control without any experience of what was required and got in touch. After a few brainstorming sessions, it was agreed that she needed the following to move forward:

1. A new brand and identity
2. Professional print media for flyers, tickets and show programmes
3. A simple to maintain and clean website including a bespoke back-end to manage everything relating to the show (scripts, costumes etc.)
4. A presence on social media
5. Professional script writing, suitable for children and adults alike
6. Reputation management
7. Video creation and filming of shows
8. Custom video creation for promotions (see video below for example)

Spotlight Youth Theatre Group says…

It’s not often you find someone that can do it all, but Warren is most certainly as close as they come. Whatever we throw at him comes back to us with a polish and style that speaks volumes of his online experience and we’ve loved every minute of our working relationship. He just makes it so easy for us to operate.

Whether it’s a two hour script we need, or a beautiful promotional poster or flyer, he’s always on hand to deliver. Everything he provides is of such high quality that we would never go anywhere else. Thank you Warren. Spotlight wouldn’t be the same without you.

Spotlight Youth Theatre Group