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If you have a website, hiring the right web developer is undoubtedly a critical consideration. The programming and design of your website need to gel to create an engaging online presence for your company, providing you with a platform to interact virtually with your customers.

You will need a web programmer who ticks all the right boxes, a developer who has:


  • A customer focused approach with concise and always-open lines of communication.
  • The ability to provide clean, versatile and inventive design for your company’s brand or message.  The ability to bring your vision to life.
  • A wealth of experience in the industry catering for all types of web development or online projects.
  • An up to date skill set of technical expertise, and eagerness to continually expand upon this knowledge.
  • The honesty and trust of the industry or past clients, combined with the integrity required to fully represent your company.


  • A fast turnaround time that meets your time scales and adheres to strict deadlines.
  • A multi-faceted portfolio that displays great flexibility and understanding in what past clients have required.
  • A hands on approach. No outsourcing, no waiting, your developer should be capable of implementing your changed on the spot if necessary.
  • Full accountability for his/her work, both in the now and with future website revisions in mind.
  • The best interest of your business at heart. The desire to see YOU succeed and have continued success.

Whatever your web project requirements, contact me today and let me explain what I can do for you.   After all, why have a website that ticks just some of the right boxes, when you can have a website that ticks them all?

“A great lathe operator commands several times the wage of an average lathe operator, but a great writer of software code is worth 10,000 times the price of an average software writer.” – Bill Gates

Why WarrenChandler.com?

Here’s a little message from my associates across the pond. Effective promotional videos can really make your company or product stand out from the crowd. Get in touch today and see what a professional web programmer can do for you.

Social Media Solutions

Do you need more fans, likes, followers, recommendations or traffic for your website? Would you like an instant boost to your social networking circles?

According to research, last year the majority of online businesses correctly utilising social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter experienced a manifold exposure, with web traffic higher in search engine rankings as well as huge improvement in targeted leads.

With this in mind, I’m about to focus extensively on some new creative social media techniques – ones that only produce effective and tangible results and increase your company’s social reach. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

  • Facebook and Twitter account/page creation
  • Facebook and Twitter like/follow building campaigns
  • Social media analysis and consultancy

Web Programming

Web Programmer Services

Multi-language, bespoke web programming and software solutions to end customers, across home, work and mobile platforms.

Internet Marketing

Cheapest SEO and Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and marketing techniques for any type of organisation.

Web Design

Web Design Frinton

Eye catching, bespoke and professional web design service for any size of business or individual.

Worldwide Hosting

Web Hosting Services

High speed Windows or Linux hosting solutions that are both affordable and highly effective.

For the full range of web programming, marketing and print services I am able to provide, please click here.






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