Monthly Archives: March 2011


Google Maps Shortcode for WordPress

March 21st, 2011|WordPress Snippets|

Note: This method no longer works as intended due to changes in WordPress and Google maps. However, if you paste the iframe information from the Google maps page, WordPress automatically converts the frame to its [...]

100+ Memorable Design Quotes

March 5th, 2011|General|

Since re-launching my website a few hours ago, I've already received comment about the quotes that frequent the header area of the site. While some are my own work, much credit has to go to [...]

Welcome to 2.0

March 1st, 2011|General|

Okay I'll admit it, I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to building websites. I'm acutely aware that I am far too picky and quite often it's up to the client to tell me [...]