Web Design in Frinton on Sea

It’s been a while since I wrote any SEO related articles, but since I’ve given my site a minor facelift I thought I’d do a little Google research to see how I’m doing.

My previous SEO experiments went pretty well to say the least. Google the term ‘web programmer’ or ‘website programmer’ and you’ll no doubt find me pretty much at the top of the pile. That’s only out of 32 million other sites/pages, mind you. That’s simply the result of some focused SEO and alot of hard work.

What I’m going to do next is something I’ve neglected for some time – local areas. The web being how it is means I’m able to reach far further than say, a local plumber, but there are still those clients that want to put a face to the name, voice, or email. Shockingly after my research I find I don’t rank anywhere for local areas (at least not on the first 20 pages), so I’m never going to meet face to face with my web contacts, so this has to change and fast. After all, programmers like to meet new people, right? Ahem.

So with that in mind, blog post one (of three) for Project Web Design Frinton is a three step process to get me started.

The first step I’ll use is adding some inbound links via a small, high quality link building campaign, followed by some internal links pointing to my web design page, using the keywords Web Design Frinton. You see what I did there? Of course you did.

Next up I’ll re-optimise my website, ever so slightly changing its focus. Check!

Finally (and quite obviously), I’ll be posting on this blog with some carefully placed keywords and title tags to boost my SEO campaign for Web Design in Frinton-on-Sea and once I’ve posted I’ll be getting the word out there via my social media channels.

That’s it. A very simple 1,2,3 to get me started. There’s much more to come, including optimising and promoting my Google Places listing (when it’s finally approved), and some pretty unique SEO techniques, but we’ll leave it there for now.

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Update (28th October 2012):

If I had any doubts as to whether my methods are still effective after Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, I’m now reassured. After just two days from having NO presence whatsoever, I’m now ranking #2 on Google for this post alone. Who says blogging and social networking don’t work?


Before Phase One


After Just Two Days!