Getting your site listed by the major search engines is supposedly as simple as filling out a form or two.  But is that really the most effective way to get listed? In short, NO.

Week one of Project SEO will detail how to bypass this potential pitfall, giving you a search engine ranking as quickly as possible.

Step One

A few days ago I decided to submit my site.  I didn’t pay for it, and I didn’t fill out any submission forms, so just how did I do it?   

Well, I merely went to, and and typed in and in the search box.  Naturally it came up with no results, since I had only uploaded the site a day earlier, but this was to be expected.

Forget using the official submission forms for each search engine for now (don’t skip this step entirely though, I will explain more about this later).  Doing what I just detailed will get your site crawled in double quick time.


Three days later, after starting with no web presence, here are the results of my work.

• Google: first page, #8
• Yahoo: first page, #6
• Bing: first page, #2

So there we have it.  Three days and a first page listing already.  Next step, number ONE.