Search and Replace in Web Files

/Search and Replace in Web Files

This handy function will search and replace all instances of a search term in every file with the PHP extension, across all directories and subdirectories. Upload the file to your root directory and run it.

function callbackDir($dir){ 

$searchString = "searchforthis";
$newValue = "replacewiththis";

// directory, and file type
$path = "$dir/*.php";

$searchString = "#".$searchString."#";
$globarray = glob($path);
if ($globarray) foreach ($globarray as $filename) {
  $source = file_get_contents($filename);
  if (preg_match($searchString,$source)) echo "$filename <br>";
  $source = preg_replace($searchString,$newValue,$source);
echo "Done - processed $count files";

  echo "$dir<br />";

function walkDir($dir,$fx)
  $arStack = array();
  if( ($dh=opendir($dir)) )
  { while( ($file=readdir($dh))!==false )
    { if( $file=='.' || $file=='..' ) continue;
      if( is_dir("$dir/$file") )
      { if( !in_array("$dir/$file",$arStack) ) $arStack[]="$dir/$file";
  if( count($arStack) )
  { foreach( $arStack as $subdir )
    { walkDir($subdir,$fx);


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