If you haven’t taken a look at part one of our Web Design Frinton project, please do so before going any further. It should help this article make a little more sense.

Oh, fine. You probably haven’t got the time for all that so here it is in a nutshell.

About a week or so ago after some research I realised that I had precisely no search ranking presence for my local areas out of a measly 64,000 or so pages. None. Nada. Zip. So with that in mind, I did some optimisation and marketing techniques to see just how far I could get with a little effort, and I was also interested in seeing how long Google took to pick up on each set of changes.

Today, hardly a week later, things are very different. I’m sitting pretty at number one (click image below). I was actually hoping for a slower progression, so I’m going to have to modify my project parameters.


The search term Web Design Essex is a far more competitive one, and it’s another I have no presence in. How could I be so slack? This gives me 6 million results to leapfrog, so I’m going to begin with the same steps I used previously.

1. Optimisation of my website for the search term Web Design Essex
2. A blog article (this one)
3. Some fairly aggressive marketing and social networking

However.. I’m not going to start this immediately. I’m first going to see if there’s any trickle through effect from my previous campaign (part one). Remember, I don’t even appear in the rankings at this point, so it will be interesting to see if I can gain a presence from this article alone without any real promotion. I’ll post updates below.

Web Design Essex – Updated Rankings from 5 million pages

5th November: Nowhere…
8th November: 268th
11th November: 224th
16th November: 208th (time now to start using Twitter..)
16th December: 85th (after a month of a fairly passive Twitter campaign)