When people take a look at my business card, something that is often mentioned is the oversized black and white square pattern on the back of it. Of course, for those of you in the tech. savvy crowd, you’ll know I’m referring to my site’s QR code.

But how do you create one? This neat trick will help.

Creating a QR Code

Creating a QR CodeThe first step is to visit Google’s URL shortener, goo.gl. Once you’re there, add your full URL (the one you want a QR code generated for) and click the Shorten URL button.

Once you have the resulting shortened URL, copy it to your clipboard.

Now paste it in your browser and add .qr to the end of it. For example, my URL shortened becomes http://goo.gl/e59Xmv. Paste http://goo.gl/e59Xmv.qr into your browser and the result is what you see on the right. Simples!

Bonus Tip:

For reference too, if you’re looking for a way of checking where the shortened Google URLs are redirecting, this tool may help you out. Thanks to Paola Mesber for the tip.