Programming Tips

Hide Video Play Button on iOS Devices

May 11th, 2016|Programming Tips|

It's fair to say that developing websites that work the same on an Apple device as every other device can be a frustrating thing, especially when it comes to HTML5 video. Apple will always point [...]

Move the Cart in a WooCommerce Single Product

January 25th, 2015|Programming Tips, Web Programming|

WooCommerce is a fantastic WordPress plugin, but unless you're really familiar with how it works you may run into a number of things that, on the surface at least, can not be done. One such [...]

Redirect Non www. Pages to www.

December 30th, 2014|Programming Tips, Web Programming|

When building a website, from time to time it's necessary to redirect the non www. version of the website to the www. version, especially since you're then less likely to have two versions of your [...]

Remove Empty Lines Using Notepad++

July 22nd, 2014|Programming Tips|

Being a programmer, from time to time you come across scripts that have been uploaded incorrectly via FTP. This can often cause a number of empty lines that need to be removed, and upon each [...]

WordPress Login: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

September 15th, 2013|Programming Tips|

A common problem when you're moving a blog from one place to another, especially relevant after you've used WordPress' handy built in Import/Export tools to migrate content, is the common error: You do not have [...]

How to Create a QR Code

September 10th, 2013|Programming Tips|

When people take a look at my business card, something that is often mentioned is the oversized black and white square pattern on the back of it. Of course, for those of you in the [...]

Facebook Showing Old Site Description or Images

July 17th, 2013|Programming Tips, Web Programming|

Facebook Status Update Shows Old Information Recently a client of mine had an issue with Facebook and the way the Facebook Lint system picks up information concerning their website when it's shared. Obviously sharing and [...]

Gravity Form Columns – Styling Gravity Forms

June 2nd, 2013|CSS Tricks, General, Programming Tips, Web Design Essex, Web Design Frinton, WordPress Snippets|

Most WordPress developers are familiar with Gravity Forms. It's a contact form plugin that allows you to easily build and publish your forms in just minutes, with the minimum of hassle. No mess, just quick [...]

How to Stop Timthumb Hacks Using .htaccess

April 1st, 2013|Programming Tips, WordPress Snippets|

How To Block Timthumb Hack Attempts Like many developers I manage a large number of WordPress sites, and in days gone by I'd use TimThumb to handle my images. Sadly, a few years back this [...]

Web Programmer Tips: Cufon Fonts Cut Off

March 21st, 2013|Programming Tips|

2013 is becoming more and more about typography, and with the emergence of Cufon fonts, Fontface types and Google's font library we're really becoming spoiled for choice. However, a question I am often asked is [...]

Web Programming: What to Expect in 2013

January 14th, 2013|Programming Tips, Web Design Essex, Web Design Frinton|

Moving into a New Year can be an exciting time and it is only natural that many people will look forward to the exciting new methods that will arise in their industry. There are some [...]

The Importance Of Hiring The Right Web Programmer For Your Website

December 21st, 2012|Programming Tips, Web Design Essex|

In today's world of instamation™ (instantly available information to the non nerdy) and social connectivity, having a strong presence on the web is crucial for most companies and your website will often be the first [...]

Programming Tips: Search and Replace in PHPMyAdmin

November 5th, 2012|Programming Tips, Web Design Essex|

One of the best things about being a web programmer is that you get to share your knowledge with the programming community out there. Today's little snippet comes in the form of a simple Search [...]