WordPress Shortcode to Get Text from URL Vars/Parameters

Sometimes you may have a URL that has parameters or variables included in it that you wish to display on a page or post within WordPress.  In cases like this all that's needed is a simple function to get the information from the URL onto [...]

WooCommerce: Select First Variation if it Exists

If your WooCommerce variations aren't user friendly for the user because it's always asking them to choose from a huge selection, or showing "Choose an option" or "Please select" text even if there's only one variation, a simple fix will help make your WordPress [...]

Get Venue Name using Toolset Views and Events Manager

It would be fair to say that, for as good as it is, the Events Manager WordPress plugin doesn't always play nice with themes and other plugin. The latest example of this was sent by a client trying to get a simple element from an [...]

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