If you’re having problems in WordPress after the recent 5.5 update, there’s one notable culprit that’s behind 99% of the problems you may encounter.

With the upgrade to WordPress 5.5, the Jquery migration tool (jquery-migrate) is no longer loaded by default, and will be removed entirely from the WordPress engine shortly. This may mean that plugins that use functions that are Jquery Migrate dependant may cause your site to no longer work as expected.

If you check your error log or browser console, you’ll likely see something like the following error:

Warning: jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated

When a script or code becomes deprecated this means the developers are in the process of replacing the code with more up to date alternatives or in many cases removing the offending code entirely.

Fortunately, The WordPress Team were quick to come up with a temporary solution for you.

JQuery migrate problem solution with plugin

The JQuery Migrate Helper plugin is a “temporary” solution which allows your site to operate as it did before, giving the developers of plugins you use some time to make the changes necessary to integrate nicely with WordPress 5.5. and future versions of the CMS.

Simply visit the Plugins section of your Dashboard, click Add New and search for “Jquery Migrate Helper”. Install the plugin and you should find your website functions as before.