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Exploring Seven of Today’s Popular Web Programming Tools.. and Tools of Yesteryear

Popular Website Programmer Tools of Today In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, staying abreast of the latest and most effective tools is crucial for developers aiming to build cutting-edge and efficient web applications. As technology advances, new tools emerge to simplify workflows, [...]

2023-12-20T23:42:02+00:00December 20th, 2023|Web Programming, WordPress|0 Comments

What is CSS in Web Design? Are there different types of CSS?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a programming language used in web design to define the appearance and layout of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) documents. CSS separates the presentation of a web page from its content, allowing web designers to create visually appealing and responsive [...]

2023-04-25T17:17:07+00:00April 25th, 2023|CSS Tips, CSS Tricks, Web Design|2 Comments

What is a Website Programmer? Is it the career for me?

While it goes without saying, in today's world the internet has become an essential part of our lives. Almost everything is available on the internet, from shopping to education to entertainment. A website is a collection of web pages that can be accessed through [...]

PHP Error Fix: Uncaught ValueError: Unknown format specifier “S”

Here's a problem that I've seen a few times of late, especially since the introduction of PHP version 8 and higher.   WordPress sites using outdated themes are often showing errors in and around the site especially in the Dashboard, the specific error being: PHP [...]

Website Programmers – Can AI Replace Them?

Website programmers are in demand more than ever today, especially good website programmers.   Whilst the market for web designers is now saturated with developers that have very little experience and simply know how to use the vast array of website builders out there on [...]

2023-02-10T16:37:39+00:00January 28th, 2023|Copywriting, Web Design, Web Programming|0 Comments

WordPress Only Shows Homepage – Other Pages 404 Error

Is your WordPress website only showing the homepage and all other pages redirecting to a 404 page or error page? The issue can often happen after a WordPress update, or even a plugin update such as a security or redirection plugin.  Fortunately, the fix [...]

Fill in The Background of an Image Cut Out

For a long time Photoshop has been the master where content aware fills are concerned.  You'd simply cut out an object, select the fill tool and let Photoshop do the rest.    But it's not perfect, and never was. And while Photoshop's content aware [...]

2022-10-20T10:49:52+00:00October 20th, 2022|Graphic Design, Web Programmer|0 Comments

68 Beauty Inspired Logo Designs for Inspiration

It's been a while where blog posts have concerned, so I thought it was long overdue to give a little more inspiration where logo design and corporate branding are concerned. Here's 68 clean, beauty inspired logo designs to get your creative juices flowing. [...]

2022-10-05T15:25:32+00:00October 5th, 2022|Graphic Design|0 Comments

WordPress Shortcode to Get Text from URL Vars/Parameters

Sometimes you may have a URL that has parameters or variables included in it that you wish to display on a page or post within WordPress.  In cases like this all that's needed is a simple function to get the information from the URL onto [...]

WooCommerce: Select First Variation if it Exists

If your WooCommerce variations aren't user friendly for the user because it's always asking them to choose from a huge selection, or showing "Choose an option" or "Please select" text even if there's only one variation, a simple fix will help make your WordPress [...]

Get Venue Name using Toolset Views and Events Manager

It would be fair to say that, for as good as it is, the Events Manager WordPress plugin doesn't always play nice with themes and other plugin. The latest example of this was sent by a client trying to get a simple element from an [...]

2023-10-04T15:49:16+00:00December 16th, 2020|Web Programming, WordPress|0 Comments

Removing Empty HTML Tags with JQuery or CSS

Recently a client asked for a simple way to remove empty HTML tags in their content. The HTML in question had a number of H2 tags that had no content but were creating space in their WordPress posts. Naturally you could simply remove them using [...]

2020-11-18T04:33:02+00:00November 18th, 2020|CSS Tips, jQuery Snippets, Web Programming|0 Comments

Website Not Working After WordPress 5.5 Update

If you're having problems in WordPress after the recent 5.5 update, there's one notable culprit that's behind 99% of the problems you may encounter. With the upgrade to WordPress 5.5, the Jquery migration tool (jquery-migrate) is no longer loaded by default, and will be removed [...]

2020-08-31T02:19:02+00:00August 31st, 2020|Web Programming, WordPress|0 Comments

Critical Error on WordPress/Avada for PHP 7.2

Recently a client reached out concerning a critical error in WordPress using Avada when trying to access the wp-admin area of the website. It appears that the problem is due to an issue with Revolution Slider, specifically a metabox function that's including in the admin [...]

WooCommerce Variations Break After 30 or more (Bug Fix)

Recently a client had an issue where Woocommerce product variations on the front end stopped working when there were more than 30 variations for the product. Fortunately there's an easy fix for this bug. WooCommerce by default uses a streamlined ajax threshold to populate the [...]

2020-06-27T17:36:38+00:00June 27th, 2020|Web Programming|3 Comments

Adding Offsets to HTML Anchors and Bookmarks

HTML anchors have been around as long as HTML itself, but there's often an issue that people can't seem to fix when it comes to the exact position the page lands, especially on modern themes with fixed or resizable headers, something that's more than a [...]

2019-12-27T04:54:43+00:00December 27th, 2019|Web Design, Web Programming|0 Comments

Stop iPhones From Zooming in on Form Fields

Preventing iPhone Form Zooming Keeping up with browser functionality as a website programmer can be an arduous task, but when the operating system also contributes to the mess there's often nothing that can be done. Recently a client asked if it was possible to prevent [...]

2020-07-01T19:19:38+00:00April 2nd, 2019|Web Programming|21 Comments

WooCommerce No Orders Found Problem

Since WordPress 5.0.2, many WooCommerce installations have had an issue where all the shop's products have seemingly disappeared. Don't worry, they're still there, but if your WooCommerce installation is showing "No orders found" in the Orders sections of your Dashboard, here's what you'll need to [...]

2018-12-20T15:51:44+00:00December 20th, 2018|Programming Tips, WordPress Snippets|4 Comments

Add a Custom Taxonomy Filter to WordPress Custom Post Type

Recently, a client needed to be able to filter their custom post type posts list by a given taxonomy, making it easier to find what they were looking for.   Fortunately with WordPress this isn't difficult. For the example below, the client was a restaurant who [...]

2018-11-07T01:02:32+00:00October 6th, 2018|Web Programming, WordPress Snippets|0 Comments

Gravity Forms Telephone Validation (UK Number with Maximum and Minimum Digits)

Recently a client needed a function or two for Gravity Forms to process UK telephone numbers, and asked that they are between 7 and 15 characters in length. The following Gravity forms filters do exactly what's needed. Paste them in to your theme's function.php [...]

WordPress Problem: Can Not Activate a Plugin

WordPress: Activating a Plugin Manually A client came to me recently with a broken site problem they simply couldn't fix. They had de-activated a plugin that was so heavily ingrained into the site that all site functionality had ceased to work, meaning they could not [...]

2018-11-07T01:03:39+00:00February 27th, 2018|Web Programming, WordPress Snippets|1 Comment

Add Mailchimp DKIM and SPF Records in cPanel/WHM

Managing your domain authentication to send mail with Mailchimp or similar mail providers can sound like a daunting task, but it's a relatively simple process. Hopefully this article will hold your hand through the experience and allow you to send mail via external websites, quickly [...]

2018-11-07T01:07:07+00:00April 4th, 2017|Web Services|1 Comment
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