As a website programmer, one of the most difficult tasks when building a new project is getting the final content (text and images) from your client. In fact, in many cases the client doesn’t actually know what they want until they see it and that can make the design aspect of the project drag on unnecessarily.

Without the right images especially, it’s very difficult to get the right balance on the draft site, and you’re constantly having to rethink the layout, colours and even fonts to match new content changes. Fortunately with quality stock images as placeholders there’s a partial solution to the problem, and it allows you to progress the website’s development without having to wait for the final content itself.

But stock images are expensive I hear you say?!  You’re right in many instances, but that isn’t always the case.  Below you’ll find a selection of websites that offer FREE stock images, allowing you to give your development a high level of quality without breaking the bank.  I’ve included a few paid ones that I also use, but generally you can get by without any cost attached to the draft development phase.

Free Stock Image Websites