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How to prevent or reduce nausea and motion sickness with PlayStation VR

November 12th, 2016|General|

People who know me are aware of the fact that I like a gadget or two (perhaps the understatement of the year). Arguably the hottest gadget around at the moment for consumers/gamers is the PlayStation [...]

Dummy Content for CSS and HTML Mockups

November 8th, 2016|CSS Tricks, Web Design|

With any web design project it's always good to have a page where all the necessary content elements are shown to ensure they're in perfect working order for the rest of your site. I've lost [...]

WooCommerce Product Unavailable Out of Stock Problem

November 8th, 2016|Web Programming, WordPress Snippets|

Recently, a client was reporting that they were seeing an out of stock message on their product page, which wasn't correct.  All of the settings and product variations were correct and in stock, but the [...]