If you’re looking for Facebook integration on your website, there are many tools and plugins available to help.  However, configuring these add-ons can be a laborious task due to the amount of information required and the lack of information explaining how you’d get it.

Hopefully this short article will help somewhat, giving you the tools to find your all important Facebook App ID, the Admin ID, and the Page Admin ID.

Find Your Facebook User ID

You can find your Facebook User ID which is also your Facebook Admin ID by visiting the Facebook Graph API Explorer page via the link below:

Find Your Facebook App ID

Your app ID is a different entity, and to find it you’ll need to visit the Developer Centre.  Once there you’ll find all the information concerning your Facebook App ID including the ID itself, and any secret keys required.  Obviously before you are able to find this you’ll need to create the app in the first place.

Find Your Facebook Page ID

Your numeric page ID is often masked by the name you give your page, but there’s an easy tool to find it.  Follow the link, enter the page URL and hey presto!

So there you have it.  All the information you need and just a few clicks away.  Good luck.