Do you want to become a web developer?

If you’re looking to become a good web programmer or web developer, like most things there are ordinarily two ways people will go about achieving this. As with learning any subject you have the option to:

1. Learn everything you can via free resources on the web or in books


2. Take a course, either online or at a place of study

Personally, almost all of my knowledge-base is of the self taught variety (although I have attended programming courses and have a programmer background), but in most cases you’ll find that learning this way – with the method virtually demanding that you learn from making mistakes – isn’t a viable option. You’ll obviously want to learn in the fastest and easiest way possible, whether it’s simple HTML or some complex C++ programming you’re looking to expand into.

Recently, people have been asking me the best way to get to where I am in the programmming industry, and I’ve decided it’s now time to pass on my knowledge and experience.

With this in mind I’m about to embark on an mentoring adventure of sorts and via Google Hangouts I’m going to take a few select individuals who know very little about web programming, and take them through the following aspects of web development over the course of six months:

1. Basic HTML
2. Basic CSS3
3. Basic HTML 5
4. Basic Web Server Maintenance
5. Basic PHP and Programming Structure

These web development courses will be held three times a week, for two hours a session, and full reading materials will be provided via an online medium.

Are you interested in becoming a web programmer? If a career in web development or programming is for you, please get in touch via my contact page and let me know in less than 100 words why I should choose you as one of my programming students.