Scoot Headline Award WinnerFrom time to time it’s nice to be recognised, and that’s exactly what’s happened as I was nominated and subsequently won a Scoot Headline Award for my work in the SEO industry, and in particular citing my article, The A to Z of SEO, as their outstanding achievement.

I am of course dubious about any such awards, especially when they start asking you for money to attend the gala presentation, but hey, it’s an award and I’m going to tell the world about it! No disrespect intended, but the best things in life are free.

How will this change my life you may ask? Well, for a start I’ll be walking around with a Scoot Headline Award t-shirt on at all times, and from this point forwards I’d prefer to be known as “Award Winner Warren Chandler”, but other than that it’s not going to change me at all. I’ll remain grounded.

Finally, apologies for the lack of updates recently. I’m doing a little SEO experimenting and measuring the inherent value of blog updates since Google removed the “Blog” tab from their search engine page. I certainly don’t think this one will rock the boat.