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Penguin 2.1: How Paid Links Can Kill Your Rankings: Evidence Based Facts

Google's latest Penguin update exploded into action yesterday (October 4th), the fifth such update in the last 18 months. The update is said to affect around 1% of search queries to a noticeable degree, according to Matt Cutts, speaking via Twitter. https://twitter.com/mattcutts/status/386231794883780609 The Penguin evolution [...]

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WordPress Login: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

A common problem when you're moving a blog from one place to another, especially relevant after you've used WordPress' handy built in Import/Export tools to migrate content, is the common error: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. This can be extremely [...]

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Web Programmer or Web Developer: What’s the difference and what’s right for you?

  Am I A Web Programmer? This article will outline the differences between a website programmer and a web designer (web developer) and hopefully allow you to identify which category you fall into. While web programming and web development (web design) are two separate entities, [...]

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English Job Interview Training, CV & Resume Services: Client Spotlight – Job Coaching For You

Jobcoachingforyou.com was founded in 2013 by Karl Dean, a native English speaker from Manchester but living in Nürnberg Germany since 2010. Prior to founding Job Coaching For You Karl worked in sales, language and communication training and essentially also specialised and also supply chain recruitment [...]

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Facebook Showing Old Site Description or Images

Facebook Status Update Shows Old Information Recently a client of mine had an issue with Facebook and the way the Facebook Lint system picks up information concerning their website when it's shared. Obviously sharing and seeing old site descriptions or images is not ideal, but [...]

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WordPress RSS Widget: Open Links in a New Window

I've recently come across a slight problem with one of my clients whereby they wanted the RSS feed widget to open all incoming links in a new window. And why wouldn't they? Especially if they're external RSS feeds that are being parsed. We could have [...]

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Gravity Form Columns – Styling Gravity Forms

Most WordPress developers are familiar with Gravity Forms. It's a contact form plugin that allows you to easily build and publish your forms in just minutes, with the minimum of hassle. No mess, just quick and easy form-building. Select your fields, configure your options and [...]

The Value of a Domain Name – Web Programmer UK

Should I register multiple domains for my website? It's a question asked to me by my clients on a regular basis, and the answer is one that's changed quite a bit as Google's complex algorithms have evolved. No longer can you fool Google with duplicate [...]

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How to Stop Timthumb Hacks Using .htaccess

How To Block Timthumb Hack Attempts Like many developers I manage a large number of WordPress sites, and in days gone by I'd use TimThumb to handle my images. Sadly, a few years back this became a huge problem since a TimThumb hack surfaced which [...]

Web Programming: What to Expect in 2013

Moving into a New Year can be an exciting time and it is only natural that many people will look forward to the exciting new methods that will arise in their industry. There are some industries and businesses that rarely change from year to year [...]

The Importance Of Hiring The Right Web Programmer For Your Website

In today's world of instamation™ (instantly available information to the non nerdy) and social connectivity, having a strong presence on the web is crucial for most companies and your website will often be the first point of contact between you and potential customers. This means [...]

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Programming Tips: Search and Replace in PHPMyAdmin

One of the best things about being a web programmer is that you get to share your knowledge with the programming community out there. Today's little snippet comes in the form of a simple Search and Replace for a string in PHPMyAdmin. Gone are the [...]

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Search and Replace in Web Files

This handy function will search and replace all instances of a search term in every file with the PHP extension, across all directories and subdirectories. Upload the file to your root directory and run it. function callbackDir($dir){ $searchString = "searchforthis"; $newValue = "replacewiththis"; // directory, [...]

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Remove Trackbacks and Pingbacks from Comments

Unfortunately, the default Recent Comments widget also includes trackbacks and pingbacks and the sight ain’t so lovely thus I had to add this hack to weed out the trackbacks and pingbacks. Open your theme's functions.php file and add the following code if ( !$comments = [...]

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Project SEO: Introduction

As most people know, SEO can be a very hit and miss affair. And with the likes of Google moving the goalposts before you have time to blink, it's important to keep abreast of the latest developments, else risk losing that all important search engine ranking. With this in mind, I decided to test the boundaries of SEO a little, and develop a definitive list of what works and what doesn't. Hence, Project SEO was born (I know, I couldn't think of a better name!).

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